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Princess Sharifa and the courageous Walter

One book – Two legends


Written in Egyptian and German
Germany / July 2013
Publisher: Baobab Books / Switzerland

German-Arab springtime stories for children – Theatre performances, festival, publication

Both Mannheim and Alexandria are urban centres outside of large metropolitan areas and both are strongly influenced by people of many different cultures. Yet at the artistic level, the cities have had little contact with one another. This cooperative project between Schnawwl, the children and youth theatre in Mannheim, and the Teatro Alexandria aims to change this and strengthen artistic exchange especially in the area of children’s theatre.
The project features a co-production of two story-telling performances. The Egyptian production will be based on the German legend of William Tell, while the performance in Mannheim will present the Arab fairy tale “The Story of the King, Hamed bin Bathara, and of the Fearless Girl”. The conditionality of freedom and equality, and of mercy and justice, are the central themes in both productions. The performances, open to children ages 9 and older, will explore these issues on the basis of these real tales from the partner countries.
“The Story of the King, Hamed bin Bathara, and of the Fearless Girl” and “Ein erster Schritt” (A First Step) will be presented at Schnawwl in Mannheim and at the Backstreet Festival in Alexandria – an international forum for artists from Europe and the Mediterranean region. The stories will also be published as a bilingual children’s book. Mahmoud Hassanein has been commissioned to complete the translation, and Mehrdad Zaeri, the illustrations.

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wall-calendar-project 2014

“calendar of memorial days”

DuMont / 2013



 Cover illustration for the new novel by Francois Lelord:

“Hector – beginning a new life”


The German titel:
“Hector fängt ein neues Leben an”
(October 2013)





Night thoughts

The wall calendar project


Published by Büchergilde / Frankfurt




 With 25 poster illustrations

Some of the night thoughts are:

-Farewell childhood!

-Let´s celebrate tomorrow

-One day closer to the gate of eternity

-What will happen to my children?


                                              I wanna be brave





                                              Escape Intentions







What It Is

A love poem by Erich Fried

16 Illustrations by Mehrdad Zaeri



Publisher: Büchergilde / Frankfurt


Size: 9,5 cm x 12,5 cm

24 illustrated pages








a declaration (of love) with 19 articles

 september 2011




the students of the “book science course” of the university of mainz/germany wrote on their website about this project:

“mainz, johannes gutenberg university, october 26th, 2010 –

the new semester begins, a part of the students are allready gathered in the seminar called “aesthetic aspects of the book”.
our new lecturer mario frueh (also publisher/Frankfurt) introduces himself and sets the course in a horrified silence with the words: “in this semester you will publish a book! “.
does he mean us?
a book?
where will it get published?
many questions arise in the heads and get thrown into the room, behind the thought:
“he is not serious!”

he was serious, and now we sit together every week and each session increases the panic, what if we may not be able to make it.
our plan is to publish the human responsibilities. Most people know their rights, but many of us do not even know that there are also human responsibilities.
they are necessary for living together, but often they get forgotten.

together with the publishing house “buechergilde gutenberg/frankfurt” and the illustrator mehrdad zaeri, we now try to get the job done.
It’s all in our hands: editing, design, manufacture, marketing.
All decisions get made by us, “the inexperienced students” .
it is important for us to point out that everyone has not only rights but also responsibelities.
That’s the main aim of our project.













The new album





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gerdband – Jazz Trio

Independent Contemporary Jazz


The new album

“Mountain whisper”





with 11 new compositions for Piano, Bass and Drums




..Gerd Baier..Piano & compositions..//..Boris Friedel..Bass..//..Dirik Schilgen..Drums..






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Contact: Music Agency Fischermann, Stefan Nauheimer, Tel.: +49- (0)221-9711779






Trio Azul


The new album

Donde estas?

feat. Suzanne von Borsody