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My name is Mehrdad Zaeri- Esfahani. I was born in 1970 in Isfahan/Iran.

On December, 24th in 1985, at the age of fifteen, I came to Germany with my family applying for asylum there.

When I finished school at Heidelberg in 1992, I decided to draw pictures for the rest of my life. I began to work as a taxi driver and to line up many expositions with my own works.

In 2001 I stopped working as a taxi driver and started freelancing as an artist. Since then I work together with artists and story-tellers on the stage at (dance) theatres, musicals, readings and concerts. I accompany their performance with my drawings which become generated and then projected during the event. So the audience can attend the creation of pictures.

Since 2008 I work as an illustrator.

A year later I founded the group KNOPFKINO with Enno Kalisch (actor and story-teller) and Friedwart Goebels (pianist).

Out of the moment stories are being improvised and told with visual, musical and spoken elements (look here or here).


Translation to English by mima´s butterflies



photo by christina laube